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If you face any problem that prevents you from listening to AKTINA FM from our main audio player on any of our websites due for Firewall security restrictions, due to compatibility or any other issues, we also provide another audio encoder/player that streams AKTINA FM.  Please click here to connect. Below, we provide more information about this other audio player, as well as, why you may have trouble or problems listening. 




When your Firewall is enabled, its security proxy settings on your device usually limit your access to external streaming sources. Listeners may also experience difficulty listening due to compatibility or other technical issues arising from their devices. At no cost to you, we have solved these problems and you do not need to disable your Firewall, try to make your devices compatible, or even purchase a new device. For your convenience, we also stream AKTINA FM from another audio encoder/player that is designed with risk-free and secure web technology that supports all audio formats for all users, that is acceptable by all security systems of all Internet devices and which allows you to stream and listen to AKTINA FM On the Go or at Home! In this respect, if you have any problems listening from our main audio encoder/player, switch to the other one we offer and start enjoying AKTINA FM by clicking here.




If you are experiencing streaming problems unrelated to our websites such as buffering, audio pauses, drop-outs, stutters or connectivity issues, here we provide some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve any Internet connection problems.  Please follow the steps below:

  • If you are directly connected to the Internet and you determine that the performance of your connection is slower than usual, please first check the status of your Internet connection. Restarting your browser and/or rebooting your device and your router may also resolve your problem (wait at least 60 seconds after shutdown before restarting your router).
  • If you have limited Internet bandwidth or limited Mobile Data, please listen to AKTINA FM from our website, ak.ht which streams at a lower bit rate, but nonetheless, with the same crystal clear sound as our nine websites which stream at a higher bit rate

  • If you have any problems listening from this site or from any of our other sites due to Firewall security restrictions, compatibility or other technical issues, please click here to transfer to our other audio player/encoder streaming AKTINA FM and for which we provide more details in the Paragraph above titled, "WHY YOU MAY HAVE PROBLEMS LISTENING"

  • If you are listening from your smart speakers such as Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home smart devices and experience unusual streaming problems, a quick fix is to reboot your device. A good practice to avoid streaming problems, is to reboot your smart speakers from time to time

  • If you are listening from your computer, laptop, iPad, Mobile phone (iPhone or Android) or any other device and experience unusual streaming problems such as audio glitches, audio stutter/repeats, again, a quick fix is to reboot your device. If you are still experiencing streaming problems, please refer to the other solutions we provide below

  • If you have are accessing the Internet wirelessly via WI-FI, constant buffering may mean that you don't have a strong connection to the network. Please check your Internet connection, as “buffering” or “connecting” issues could be due to very week WI-FI or poor Mobile Data service

  • Other computer users on the network can also cause your Internet radio stream to buffer to often

  • Close down any other bandwidth-heavy applications

  • Moving closer to the signal source or removing barriers between you and the signal can improve signal strength

  • Check to make sure your computer is not downloading something in the background as this slows down the performance of your device and affects your radio streaming. Check the Task Manager on Windows (summoned by pressing control-alt-delete) or Activity Monitor on MacOS, and look for network statistics (it is labelled “Network” on MacOS and “Networking” on Windows)

  • Try loading other media to test your connection. If everything else is slow, that points to a connection issue on your end

  • If your browser is outdated and does not meet technical requirements (e.g., older versions of Internet Explorer) you will most likely see an error page noting this issue. Please upgrade to a newer browser

If you continue to have problems connecting and require additional assistance, please
contact us. 


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