CYPRECO Of America, Inc. (CYPRECO)
Since 1977 Serving With Distinction The Rich Heritage, Culture & Folklore of Cyprus & Greece in the USA - Closely Collaborating With AKTINA Since 1993

CYPRECO Of America, Inc., is a recognized and multi-awarded non-profit and tax-exempt Greek Cypriot Cultural organization based in the Borough of Queens, New York City. The name CYPRECO stands for Cypriot Emigrants Cultural Organization.  CYPRECO closely collaborates with AKTINA Productions, Inc., in different cultural fields of mutual interest. Since 1993, CYPRECO provides cultural programs within the broadcasts of AKTINA FM and since 2014 the organization also co-produces and co-sponsors several concerts from AKTINA's acclaimed concert series, GREEK MUSIC JOURNEY.  Following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when all live events had to be cancelled in order to comply with safety and health protocols, CYPRECO broadened its collaboration with AKTINA Productions, Inc., in order to televise several of its pre-scheduled folk arts programs within the highly rated broadcasts of AKTINA TV, airing on New York's public station, WNYE-Channel 25.  CYPRECO also streams AKTINA FM 24/7 from its three owned and operared websites,, and


For more information about CYPRECO's cultural mission and to read the organization's full profile and Mission Statement its website,  

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