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AKTINA FM welcomes requests from publicists to book high profile guests on its programs such as authors, political analysts, experts in different fields, elected officials, professionals and entertainers among others. To request a booking on AKTINA FM, please send a detailed This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your pitch and your contact information.  For publicists not yet registered with AKTINA FM, please allow time for processing.



All programs air live, commercial-free and with audience participation.  The language format is English, however AKTINA FM will make certain exceptions to air a program either entirely in Greek or bilingual.

Guest Placement

Depending on the topic and program availability, AKTINA FM will select the suitable slot within its programming to host the interview/discussion with the proposed guest.


Exclusive AKTINA FM Series

"ON THE AIR" is AKTINA FM’s most popular and highly rated series which airs every Sunday in two segments.  The first segment airs from 3:10pm to 4:00pm E.T., and the second from 4:10pm to 5:00pm E.T.  Each segment features a different topic and guest.

The series "ON THE AIR" is a very unique, unbiased and democratic platform of discussion and expression not available elsewhere. Each week we host interviews and discussions with high profile and distinguished guests such as bestselling authors, political analysts, experts in different fields, professionals, and elected officials from the U.S., and abroad among others who discuss with audience participation a variety of topics of wide public interest such as current breaking news events, the economy, healthcare, legislation, politics, etc.


Briefly About AKTINA FM 

Broadcasting since 1993, AKTINA FM is a highly rated New York-based non-profit online radio station of Culture, Enlightenment and Entertainment.  It is owned and operated by AKTINA Productions, Inc., and co-sponsored by CYPRECO Of America, Inc. AKTINA and CYPRECO are New York-based non-profit 501 (c) 3 Media and Arts Cultural Organizations dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the rich heritage, history and folklore of Greece and Cyprus in America. Streaming daily 24/7 from thirteen dedicated and related websites all of which combined attract over 3.8M visitors, AKTINA FM reaches diverse audiences nationwide in the USA and worldwide.  AKTINA FM does not have a political agenda and does not ever endorse any politician or anyone’s political views/agenda. AKTINA FM’s mission is dedicated to bringing informative radio programs that address the needs of its wide and diverse audience.  AKTINA FM is considered the “alternative voice and choice” among its listeners who are also avid supporters of its programs all these years through their generous contributions.  Read full Profile...


AKTINA FM Disclaimer

AKTINA FM wishes to disclose that the opinions and views expressed by all guests of AKTINA FM and those listeners providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect – to any extend – the views of AKTINA FM or those affiliated with this radio station (individuals and/or organizations), including but not limited to the Executive Producer/Host Elena Maroulleti, all other radio co-hosts, AKTINA Productions, Inc., that owns and operates AKTINA FM, this website and all other websites owned and operated by AKTINA, including CYPRECO Of America, Inc., and all of its websites that stream AKTINA FM, or anything or anyone directly or remotely related to AKTINA FM, AKTINA Productions, Inc., and CYPRECO Of America, Inc., and their websites. In this respect, AKTINA FM takes no responsibility for any opinions and views expressed by guests and listeners during all of its broadcasts (live, pre-recorded or archived). 


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